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Threads 2016: Doctor Who Princess by Kcat Hutton
Threads 2016: Doctor Who Princess by Kcat Hutton

The fashion show was an amazing success!! Once I’ve edited the video, I hope to upload a clip of the runway here for your viewing pleasure. Until then, here is a post-show still captured by one of our friends or family members. This amazing dress was created for yours truly by my superbly talented sister, Kcat Hutton. It was part of her 2016 collection for UNCG’s student organization, Threads. Her line was entitled Royals, and each of the models was a princess. I was awarded the honour of being her Doctor Who Princess! She enlisted my assistance in creating the space painting that is the signature of this particular design. My niece and nephew added their touches as well, making this a family art project. (I have an entire sequence of process pics to share with you all as a tutorial style post for those of you interested in making your own wearable space art).

It was so much fun to wear, and I had a blast doing the runway show. Who knew that all that time watching America’s Next Top Model back in the day would be put to good use? Turns out, I was really glad to have practiced my runway walk “just for fun.”  I have to say, I wasn’t even really nervous. I might have been, but then the models for the Disney inspired line started singing “Part of Your World.” Which, amusingly enough, is the song my scene-mates and I sang as our vocal warmup every night for Spookywoods last year. (We were sirens, and I had red hair… you can see where this is going). I of course, joined right in singing along with them. And by the time I was done, I knew I was in the right place and had that same pre-show confidence. Fast-forward 20 years, I can see myself singing it before every time I go out on stage or in front of a crowd. It’s my power song, apparently. The funny part is, Mulan is my favourite. But I digress. Fashion show = awesome. And it was really cool to see who else among the models and designers recognized the TARDIS and said something about it. Also, it was amazingly beautiful to be part of such a diverse show. There were so many ethnicities, sizes, ages, genders… it was a pleasure to be a model in such fine company.

And now, onto the news! I’m finally able to announce my upcoming guest status at OutlantaCon! This will be my second year attending the con, though my first as an actual guest. And it makes my heart happy to have this be my very FIRST convention as a guest. I really adore these people so much. Not everyone gets to start off their guesthood among friends. I’m a lucky nerd.