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OutlantaCon 2016 - The Voices of Barbara Goodson

OutlantaCon 2016

I was really excited to have OutlantaCon be my first convention as a guest; and my expectations were more than exceeded. For me, the QUILTBAG (LGBTQ) community has been home for over half my life. When my birth parents were no longer in the picture, and I was a lost […]
Threads 2016: Doctor Who Princess by Kcat Hutton

Threads 2016 and other news!

The fashion show was an amazing success!! Once I’ve edited the video, I hope to upload a clip of the runway here for your viewing pleasure. Until then, here is a post-show still captured by one of our friends or family members. This amazing dress was created for yours truly […]
Mysticon 2016

Exciting News

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been accepted as a guest for ConGregate 3!! Many of the familiar faces I have grown up around have formed their own convention, and I am absolutely thrilled to be part of their guest lineup for 2016! It feels amazing to be a guest […]